Just Construction, Inc.
Hector Andres Romero
3103 Market Street
San Diego, CA 92102

About Us:

In 2012 we choose to pursue our life long goal and passion for building.  My family and I have been in the construction industry for over 40 years. The economic conditions of the construction industry at the time were very unstable. Our team of construction professionals and field personnel has overcome many adversities in order to successfully maintain a respectable business status. Today we pride ourselves in having successfully completed various projects in both the Public Works Sectors as well as the Private Sector. In 2014 we  humbly accepted the Award for Project of the Year from the American Public Works Association, for our outstanding performance on the Chula Vista Pedestrian Bridge & Trail Project. Our method of construction is Owner Oriented, we approach every project with a spirit of partnership, and teamwork. Our name "Just Construction" was conceived from witnessing turmoil associated with the many conflicts that exist within the construction industry. "Just" is how we chosen to work, live, and conduct our business.    

Safety Programs:

All aspects of safety are the cornerstone of Just Construction's accident prevention commitment. Just Construction, Inc. constantly updates and implements on a daily basis its’ Safety Programs. By doing so, the company continuously eliminates any and all foreseeable hazards. Just Construction has developed and strongly implements its’ own Health and Safety Plan which is specifically tailored for every individual project. Just Construction has implements a Zero Tolerance Policy (ZTP) in regards to safety violations, and will not be compromised for cost or convenience.    

Our Safety Program initiates with having highly qualified individuals on site. All our Management Personnel that engages in the performance of our contracts have at least a 30 hour OSHA certificate in construction safety and at least 10 hours of EM385 1-1 certificate. Safety is an individual responsibility and is the number one priority on every job site. One of Just Construction’s requirements is that every jobsite conducts a daily discussion of safety issues with all field personnel. Additionally, a Weekly Toolbox Safety Meeting is conducted and recorded.